Is Your House of Worship Ready?
Evac2Go promotes “ReadySunday” during America’s PrepareAthon, every September, we’d like to invite your house of worship family to participate in the ReadySunday initiative on September 27, 2015.  Evac2Go makes it simple and easy for your organization to participate.

ReadySunday is a collaborative effort geared to encourage faith-based organizations and their families to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools and churches.

Organizations like yours play an integral role in our community during disasters.  Not only will congregation members turn to their faith in times of crisis, but community members will seek out your organization for comfort and support.  With the collaboration of faith-based groups and government agencies, we can work together to educate and empower our communities to prepare before disasters strike.

When you participate in ReadySunday, Evac2Go will do the work for you! Evac2Go offers a free program with resources customized to your organization’s needs, including:

Registering your church here as a ReadySunday participant and providing you with a downloadable electronic toolkit.
Promoting ReadySunday to your congregation by providing pre-written information for your newsletter, website, e-blasts, bulletin board, and other communication vehicles.
Offering church attendees free family emergency plans and more.
Providing you with ReadySunday hand-outs for a table display with emergency preparedness materials.

We know that the next emergency is coming.  We just don’t know when or what kind it will be.  But we can prepare now for the next emergency.  Our family, friends, church, and community depend on it, and ReadySunday provides a compelling reminder to get prepared today!

To get your ReadySunday event started, please register here or contact April Roberts Holland at the contact information provided below, to receive our “Ready Sunday Disaster Plan Template” and “Ready Sunday Brochure”. We look forward to your participation!